We all have a stake in the preservation of the great outdoors, but the corporate benefits of utilizing this opportunity to align products with our environment are immeasurable.

Partners can be seen as leaders in environmental education and corporations will be able to reach a large targeted audience throughout the nation. The site along with the demonstrations, exhibitions, participatory events and signage will be ideal for television, thereby offering cost efficient exposure to a wide audience.

Partner Program

The Conservation Partners Program offers businesses and corporations the opportunity to sponsor a first-of-its-kind event in the United States, which simultaneously celebrates and conserves the American outdoors.  We offer multiple Conservation Partners packages that enable sponsors to:

• reach families and individuals with product information

• build brand and company image

We can tailor specific Conservation Partners packages to meet the unique needs of our sponsors and will guarantee category exclusivity.

Sponsorship of DAYS IN THE Countrysm truly represents a sponsorship for the future.  Join us in the celebration of our national treasure - The Great American Outdoors - and help us teach others how to preserve the natural environment for the generations to come.

Become a special partner in promoting an environmental ethic that results in the expansion of people's knowledge, commitment, and active involvement in protecting and caring for our environment for generations.

The Metro Baltimore/Washington corridor is one of the most dynamic regional marketplaces in the world.

• 4th largest U.S. consumer market (World Over Population Awareness 99)

• 2nd highest median household effective buying income (Washington/Baltimore Regional Assn. 99)

• Of 7.2 mm area residents, 29% have 4+ years of college; the highest percentage in the U.S. (Washington/Baltimore Regional Assn. 99)


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