Inspired by the hugely popular and successful country fairs in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe, DAYS IN THE Countrysm is an exciting new, never before staged, four-day outdoor recreation and conservation festival for the whole family, outdoor sportsmen and women, and anybody who loves the great outdoors.The dream is to bring this amazing concept to fruition, and with the support of forward-thinking corporations, it can become a reality.

The Festival will involve all aspects of outdoor recreation, which is enjoyed annually by 189 million people in America alone, contributing well over $250 billion to the U.S. economy. The great outdoors is the human race’s largest playground in the world, but it is shrinking in America by 4.28 square miles a day. The aim of DAYS IN THE Countrysm is to bring people together to enjoy all that the great outdoors can offer and help them to become aware of the need for conservation.

Set for May/June of 2008 DAYS IN THE Countrysm will be held in Jefferson County, West Virginia with over 20 villages encompassing more than 80 different outdoor recreational pursuits with 400+ retail booths. The public can participate in, view, try out, or improve their outdoor skills and conservation organizations and educational booths will be interspersed within each village.

Anyone who is remotely interested in the outdoors and wants a wonderful day out for the family is welcome to attend. DAYS IN THE Countrysm will feature exhibits, interactive displays, games, artisans at work, and rural traditions that will interest and excite every age group.

DAYS IN THE Countrysm comes under the umbrella of DITC Environmental Education Foundation, Inc., 501(c)(3), who through their environmental education website bring environmental awareness through education to all, but particularly eight to twelve year olds who bear the future responsibility for the stewardship of our environment and passing on their knowledge to subsequent generations. Its work will ensure that children in rural and inner city schools nationwide have the means to learn about the need of taking care of our fragile planet. The foundation website will enable children, teachers and parents to access information increasing their environmental knowledge.

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