Here are links to useful websites relating to Environmental Awareness and Environmental Education. If you'd like to be included and would be happy to reciprocate a link please contact our links administrator.
University of Illinois Teacher Guide on Natural Resources, The Environment and Ecosystems.
The online environmental community.
The Antiguan Racer Conservation Project
The CREEC Network is the best source for Environmental Education resources in California.
Festival of moving images from the natural world. It takes place every two years in Bristol, United Kingdom
Environmental Education Resources on the Internet
Ready To Change the World?
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's National Conservation Training Center
Bass Pro Shops, Hanover, MD
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Delta Rural Systemic Initiative
National Science Teachers Association
The Environmental Issues site on with your guide Lara Rosenblith. Informing the public about major environmental issues, including: Global warming, environmental justice, pollution, toxics and chemicals, water quality, air quality, globalization, sustainability, environmental health, environmental jobs, and many other issues.
ARKive is the Noah's Ark for the on-line era. Film, photographs and audio recordings of endangered species are being amassed and preserved digitally, in a web-based collection to be made accessible to all via the Internet. ARKive will create digital profiles for each species including up to 10 minutes of moving footage, six still images and 2 minutes of audio, together with useful facts and cross references.
Search Engine just for Kids
Kids and Teens Links
ParentsCentre is a website aimed at supporting parents in helping children of all ages in all aspects of education, health, safety and well-being
Presenting school assembly programs on Tropical Rainforests and Cultural Diversity in America for more than fifteen years and
Hemp is the number one plant for producing clothing, paper, plastics, building materials, food, beverages, cosmetics, methanol fuel and an impressive array of cleaning and paint products. And we can keep growing it every year.
A Texas Family building a greener earth print, simplifying their lives and writing about things they love. You can read their daily blog for ideas to build your greener earth print, as well as ideas to simplify and appreciate your life.
Where KIDS are the nature experts. View episodes of Super Natural Adventures, where three brothers take you along on their Eco Adventures.
Part of the United Nations Environment Programme.